What is it?

TurboWikipedia is a web-application based on the TurboGears framework for making Wikipedia maintenance tasks easier.
It is not a Wiki implementation.
You can think of it as PyWikipediaBot with a smart, web-based front-end that is custom tailored to a number of specific maintenance tasks.


Here's a quick, high level overview of how the pieces fit together:

Architecture overview


Currently I'm still in the prototyping phase. I'd like to get the following to work for the 0.1 release:

One click stub-sorting

One click image license checking

AJAX integration into the regular Wikipedia interface


Once I have the basic infrastructure in place I'd like to take a stab at a server-side, collaborative version of VandalFighter.

That would roughly mean turning CryptoDerk's VandalFighter into an AJAX-based web page, something like digg spy and adding a trust-graph to it (think eBay ratings, or Slashdot Karma).

Related Software


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